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DistriLegend Sports Shops

Our differents automated vending models

Sport Shop 14S

Big model 14 selections

Vending model with a big capacity allowing to propose up to 84 different references.

This model is equipped with a roof and is ideal for an outdoor placement. This way the Shop is 24/7 available for all your visitors and members, all while being secured and resistant to all types of weather conditions.

To make a Sport Shop even more simple to have and secured, our vending models accept NO CASH but only bank cards and other mobile payment applications.

Sport Shop 9L

Model 9 Selections

Vending model with a standard capacity allowing you to propose up to 54 different references.

This compact model with a standard capacity is equipped with a 22'' touch screen for an efficient communication about the proposed product line.
This concept is perfect for your activity or venue.

Easy to place indoor, this NO CASH vending model can also be placed outside so that the service is available for more members and visitors without any time limit.


Custom Sport Shop

Personalized model 

Every vending model is entirely personalizable according to all your wishes and demands.

The exterior vinyl of our Sport Shop is modifiable with your own colors and other elements of design. It is also possible to integrate your partners, who would support you in this project, in the vinyl or touch screen.

Other aspects related to the product line or the creation of commercial spaces via the screen can be modified so your offer is as personalized as can possible.


Your Sport Shop is waiting

  The advantages of Sport Shop

Innovate in all simplicity

Answer as best as possible to the demands of your clients who's consumption methods and needs have evolved.

Generate and additional revenue

Propose lots of products as a solution to the demands of your clients and without any restraint

Enjoy the latest technologies

Cashless, lcd screen, digital payement and remote consultation of the Sport Shop for a simple and efficient management

   The additional services

Personalize your Sport Shop

Create your own exterior design and assemble the product line of your connected shop

Communicate differently

Spread your messages and announcements and propose a new media channel to your partners.

Go for a personalized model

Simplify the management of your shop by proposing the operational part completey through our services

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