Our concept: the Sport Shop 2.0 

An automated high end vending concept,
autonome, connected and completely personalizable.

Propose a current service with all the latest technological aspects.



   Propose  a new service answering the needs of sporters

   Automate  without issue the sale of divers products 

   Innovate in all simplicity 
   Generate extra revenues for your activity 
  Personalize your product range depending on the demands of your visitors 


The automated vending solution
that answers to all the needs of sporters!


Sport Shop 2.0

Autonome, connected 
and personalizable


Wide range of quality 
Sport & Care products

        Partner Products        

Your products
and those of your partners

Personalize your Shop

Vending concept 
high end & automated !

The machine is completely customizable to your own wishes and needs which will allow you to propose various products to your membres and visitors !

Discover our product range

Quality products at  
good, negotiated prices ?

Find all of DistriLegend's partner products and choose from many references to fine tune & compose your on assortment of products you wish to propose.

Integrate your products

Personalize completely your own shop by adding your own & partner products.

Automate the sale of multiple products and optimize the management of your own sports shop. This simple concept is perfect for your activity !

Are you interested by our concept or our products? 

Please send us a message to ask more about our services, our products or an eventual future collaboration.

We welcome you with open arms in the sports community of DistriLegend.
Spread the love for sports.