The Ambassadors of DistriLegend

Because sports is first of all a story of passion, 

DistriLegend is proud to support young athletes 
who might mark the history of sports one day...

Discover their history, the dreams and support them
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The most important thing is to try and inspire people
so that they can be great in whatever they want to do
Kobe Bryant

Renaud Malache

Sport: Handi Judo
Club : Judo Club Namurois

Renaud is a hearing-impaired judoka, his disability does not prevent him from fully living his passion for his sport and his courage and determination command admiration!

The dream of Renaud:
Participate in the Olympics and who knows maybe one day be a champion !!


Alexandra Mortant

Sport: Athlétisme
Club : RCABW Nivelles

Alexandra is a young sprint prodigy.
She has already achieved feats and has several speed records to her credit, including a Belgian record over 100m in her category!

The dream of Alexandra:
Continue to perform in my discipline and go to the Olympics one day !


Célia Van Beneden

Sport: Judo
Club : RI Gembloux-Wavre

Célia is a young judoka promised to a bright future in her discipline, with great performances obtained during several  national and international competitions!

The dream of Célia :
Evolve throughout competitions to hopefully reach the Olympics !


Bam Team

Sport: Athlétisme
Club : Bam Team

A team made up of several talented athletes under the guidance of coach Carole Bam, known for her work with the Belgian Cheetahs!

The dream of Bam Team :
Create a positive movement  and evolve both individually and as a team !



Anthony Kakukila

Sport: Box
Club : Miranda Boxing Academy

This talented young athlete is the Flemish champion and number 1 in Belgium! He is also on his way to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris!

'Anthony's dream :
Become world champion and Olympic champion! Then open his own gym



Anaelle Wiard

Sport: Beach Soccer
Club : Madrid CFF & Zgierz F10 Ladies

Une joueuse de foot qui à trouver sa passion dans le beach soccer! Championne du tournoi international "Women's Day" au Maroc et élu top scorer de l'Euro Winners Cup, son aventure n'est pas encore finie!

Le rêve d'Anaelle :
Pouvoir jouer avec l'équipe nationale de beach et gagner des tournois internationaux



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