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 The Sport Shop 2.0 

A connected & automated sports shop.

Bring the sports experience to the next level !  

Propose multiple products easily to your members and visitors. 


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Sport Shop 2.0

The automated and connected sport shop 


High end vending concept, connected and completely personalizable.

Allows you to propose a wide product range to your visitors without any restraint !

More than a simple innovation, this shop will elevate your sports experience greatly.

Let's prepare the futur of sports in the best possible conditions together !

Quality products

Quality products chosen for their effectiveness

DistriLegend proposes a complete range of products, adapted and varied !

This is possible thanks to multiple collaborations with specialists. 

The products are classed in different categories or as packs.

Sport, Care, Hygiene, Taping, Accessories or even Food & Drinks, you can find everything !


Join the community and discover our network !

Are you also passionate about sports and the values it represents ? 

You wish to support a company who also applies and defends the same values ? 

Would you like to see your product join our distribution network?

Contact us for any form of collaboration or partnerschip !